UV Layout

Let's talk about laying out UVs. You'll find several videos below that will take you through unwrapping a model. 
First thing though:

What should a UV layout look like?

Below I've posted some images of UV layouts. This should give you an idea of how to break up the UV map. Clean UVs make texture painting much easier! Below these images are some videos to help learn the essential skill of UV Unwrapping.

The next video will go in depth on how to unwrap the model so that textures lay nicely on top of it. Unwrapping is not an easy task so in addition to these video I highly recommend the Gnomon DVD that covers UVW basics and any other tutorials to help you learn this skill. Gnomon DVDs for all sorts of things should be available in the LCAD Library

Texturing the Creature from Rebecca Kramp on Vimeo.

Now that the critter is unwrapped, its time to set up the layout for optimal texture painting.

This group of videos are shorter are quick reference for steps like applying a check patter, setting up the modifier etc.  

Placement and Exporting UVs from Rebecca Kramp on Vimeo.

Untitled from Rebecca Kramp on Vimeo.

The Next Video will cover setting up the Unwrap Modifier.

Using projections to create create pieces of the UV map.

Stitch UVs