Skeleton and Weighting

Welcome to Rigging!
To make you model moveable there are several things that need to be done in 3DSmax to create the rig that will allow movement. How well you;re rig works depends on the time spent building it properly as well the attention spend on good geometry flow. Rigging is more technical than artistic so many students find it challenging, but a well done rig rewards itself once you see you static model finally come to life.

This first video continues with creature modeled on the creature modeling tab and show how to set up a skeleton and skin modifier for the creature . There are some additional shorter video as the end with most of the same info but summed up a bit.

Skin and Bones (1) from Trance Lion on Vimeo.

This next video shows how to edit the weights on skeleton and skin modifier so the model bends and moves properly.

Weighting the Creature (1) from Trance Lion on Vimeo.

Additional Videos

Setting up the Skeleton.

The video below shows how to set up a hierarchical skeleton that will later be used to drive the model.

The Skin Modifier
This second video shows how to apply the Skin Modifier that will bind the model to the skeleton.

Weighting Part 1
This video shows how to start the weighting of the model to the bones.

Weighting Part 2

Mirror Weights Across an Axis